Wednesday, June 4, 2008

zBoost zPocket YX110

Designed for travel and single users, the zBoost zPocket cell phone signal booster extends a CellZone for single users in dorms, hotels, homes or offices. Just attach the base unit onto the window,plug it in, place your cell phone in the pocket and you have signal. The zPocket boosts the signalreceived at the window and rebroadcasts to the pocket which holds your cell phone. The zPocketoperates on both the CELL and PCS bands and comes with everything you need – window unit,pocket, and power supply.

Benefits include:

• Increases cell phone signal for your phone as it sits in the pocket (20ft. cord is provided from base unit to pocket)

• Great for using speakerphone, headsets, or Bluetooth devices

• Decreases dropped or missed calls

• Easy to use – just plug in and start talking

• Great for travel - small footprint and lightweight

• Dual-band works with all phones and US carriers except Nextel

• Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)

• Maintains network integrity using innovative patent-pending technology