Monday, January 25, 2010

Wilson Sleek U-Booster 815226 Cellular Signal Booster had the opportunity to fully test the new Wilson Sleek U-Booster 815226 and the results are incredible.  This device performed very well in testing around the Rochester MN area with signal increases of 30 dB common.  Data speeds were also enhanced with speeds doubling in random speed tests.

Check out the Wilson Sleek U-Booster Speed test video created by!

This device is truly a universal signal booster as the side cradle mounts adjust to conform to virtually every wireless phone or data modem on the market today.  The small form factor and light weight allow a user to place their device in the cradle and physically hold the device and cradle combination to their ear if necessary.  Something that is not possible with most universal signal boosters.

This device is manufactured in the U.S.A. at Wilson Electronics' St. George Utah Facility. 

Staff from had the pleasure of visiting this facility recently and found the factory and sales center extremely busy fulfilling orders and rolling out new products.

What is inside the box?  The kit comes with one mini-magnetic portable antenna, one tape style dash mount and a 12 volt power supply.  Accessories include three different mini USB power input cables for charging select devices and numerous different dash and window mounts.

What is inside?  The photos below show the board and the patch style antenna that encompasses the entire area below the cradle for a true universal signal enhancement.