Friday, July 30, 2010

ROVERPUCK Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot - Cradlepoint - Clearwire Legacy LLC

Looks like Cradlepoint and Clearwire are teaming up with a new product named the Roverpuck portable Wi-Fi Hotspot for 4G. Rover Puck 4G device is designed to work exclusively with the Rover 4G Service.

According to the quickstart guide:

 "With your Rover Puck, you've got Unlimited 4G internet that rolls wih you.  Puck around town with your friends and connect up to eight laptops or Wi-Fi devices to your personal hight speed, wireless hotspot.  You and your friends can stream media together, check in at your favorite social networks, game online or simply cruise the web."

Cellynx 5Barz inventor/CEO resigns

According to a letter filed with the SEC, Daniel Ash has resigned from the Cellynx Group, Inc. The letter states that he was first removed from the position of CEO and later removed from the board. staff tested the 5Barz Cellynx product and was not impressed. The unit carries a hefty retail price of $299 in addition to a small profit margin for resellers. In testing the signal bars increased however data speeds were actually slower compared to using the unit with no amplification at all.

Wilson Electronics released in early 2010 the model 815226 Sleek ($99 Retail) that outperforms the 5Barz unit.

Reading through the information provided to the SEC, Cellynx has spent Millions of dollars on one single product that we feel will not survive in this competitive market.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wilson AG Pro 801280 Adjustable Gain Smart Technology In-Building Dual Band Cellular SignalBooster 801280

801280 coming soon is the new Wilson Electronics 75 dB DB Pro Adjustable Gain Smart Technology In-Building Dual Band Cellular Signal Booster model 801280

The DB Pro Adjustable Gain 75 dB Repeater is the first truly adjustable gain unit from Wilson Electronics.

Gain adjustments between 45 and 70 dB on 1900 MHz and between 40 and 65 dB on 850 Mhz. 

The unit has only one input and one output for the donor and exterior antennas.

We are not sure yet if 50 or 75 OHm coax is going to be used on this system as the specification sheet lists SMA for the antenna connectors (50 Ohm) yet the antennas listed are 75 OHm. will update this release as soon as we have more information. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wi-Ex zBoost YX545 YX-545 Home Office Repeater Kit is looking forward to the release of the new YX-545 Home Office Repeater kit from Wireless Extenders - zBoost.  The new YX545 lists a 60 dB system gain (an increase of 6-7 dB over the YX-510) for a 2500 square foot open coverage area enhancement.

Similar to the previous YX-510 the YX-545 Dual Band Repeater comes with the base antenna unit, power supply, signal antenna mounting hardware, NEW two piece signal antenna and 50 feet of RG-59 75 Ohm coax.

The new YX-545 has a slightly more streamlined exterior housing similar to the European YX-520i and the new YX-540 Metro. has the full installation instructions at or by clicking this link:  WiEx YX-545 Set-Up Overview

The YX-545 from will be available in the fall of 2010.  MSRP remains the same as the YX-510 at $399.95