Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wilson 301208 - Wilson Cellular Dual-Band Desktop Cell Phone Antenna

Wilson Electronics has introduced a new antenna for desktop use. This Dual band Cellular PCS 806-939 and 1850-1990 MHz antenna comes with a 5 foot RG-174 coax terminated in FME female. Designed for portability the 301208 antenna can be used as a receive antenna when used with a device specific antenna adapter or as a broadcast antenna when conneted to a wireless desktop repeater.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

WA-1047 - 3G Universal Modem Antenna Adapter Cable

The WA-1047 is designed to connect simply and effectively to any USB modem or 3G data card currently available. This adapter is recommended for devices that do not have an external antenna port. recommends the use of a direct connect style adapter cable on devices that have functioning external antenna adapter ports.

When the base of the adapter is placed over the internal antenna of any USB modem or data card the adapter will automatically couple with the device diverting its signal to an external antenna.

The USB Modem antenna adapter is held securely in place by means of an innovative velcro strap which fastens the adapter quickly and securely to any USB modem. No adhesives are necessary and the adapter can be easily removed by simply unfastening the strap leaving no unsightly marks or damage on the modem or data card.