Friday, November 21, 2008

Wilson 801365 - 1900 MHz 65 dB Repeater - NEW!!

New from is the upgrade from the Wilson 801306 the new Wilson 801365 - 1900 MHz 65 dB PCS Repeater. This repeater is
equipped with the industry's first automatic 10 dB increment built it
attenuation. This FCC type accepted 65 dB PCS Repeater is designed to
automatically shut down or reduce power in the event of an overload or oscillation.

The Wilson 801365 is in stock at for immediate shipment.

Understanding the Amplifier Lights - Part # 801365

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Verizon USB760 EVDO Rev A Modem Antenna

Verizon Wireless announces the new USB760 Micro Modem from Novatel/Ovation. has the RF antenna adapter and antennas for the optional external antenna for enhanced performance in stock and ready to ship today. The antenna adapter cable for the USB-760 from Verizon Wireless is the 359927 from The 20 inch external antenna adapter for the MC760 terminates in FME male so it will connect up to a majority of external aircard antennas from The Novatel Ovation U760 Adapter cable 359927 is a new RF adapter and is exclusive to at the present time.

The Verizon USB760 Magnetic Mount external antenna w/cables from is a combination of the premium grade BMMG824/1900ML195 - PCTEL Maxrad Dual-Band Magnetic Mount Cell Phone Antenna and the USB-760 antenna adapter number 359927 for the low price of $49.95.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sprint XOHM WiMax 2.5-2.7 GHz External Antenna has in stock the new 2.5-2.7 GHz panel antenna for WiMax. The ARC-IA2516B01 is an industrial grade 16 dBi panel antenna from the same company that produces the ARC Freedom antenna, ARC Wireless Solutions. The ARC-IA2516B01 Xohm External Antenna for Sprint has been field tested with outstanding results. has a full coax assembly department with coax grades from RG-58 to LMR-600 transmission line in stock. The Xohm antennas and Xohm desktop unit require a custom coax with SMA male terminations.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wireless Cell Phone Signal Boosters

When you need to increase the cellular signal for multiple devices wirelessly,
mobile and building repeater systems are an excellent solution.

One of our newest portable wireless boosters is the Wilson Cellular SignalBoost Mobile Professional which we have mentioned previously.

Our favorite is the 801241 - Wilson Cellular SignalBoost Mobile Professional Dual Band 800/1900MHz Cellular/PCS Wireless Amplifier Kit. Its perfect for the road warrior who wants to travel light. This kit contains the base cell phone signal booster as well as a 12" antenna, USB power cord to charge from your laptop, DC head for charging in your car, and AC head for charging in a motel room. It also includes a suction cup mount for the antenna so that you can mount the antenna to your motel room window. Finally, it includes a canvas case for all components.

While a direct connect cell phone signal booster does offer better single phone performance the

SignalBoost Mobile Professional Signal Booster
is competitively priced and very portable easily fitting into a laptop case. Website, Payment and Security Upgrades

Website Upgrades

Frequent visitors will notice several changes to the website which we are very excited about. In the last few months we upgraded our web server software providing for better performance as well as well as easier navigation, organization and checkout.

New Payment Methods now accepts Google Payments. This is in additional to our previous support of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Purchase Orders (via phone or e-mail) from approved commercial and government agencies.

Site Security and Safety

Our customer's safety and security while visiting our site is very important to us. To this end, we have upgraded our SSL security certificate to an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate (the green address bar in your browser when accessing a secure page.)

Likewise, in order to help keep you safe from security issues a hacker could exploit, we've added
Network Solutions WatchDog in additional to McAfee Secure which we continue to use as well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RV Cellular Antenna 184-TR

 has in stock for immedate shipment the 184-TR Cellular Antenna for Semi Truck and RV use. The Digital Antenna 184-TR offers exceptional range, excellent wind resistance and unsurpassed durability and strength. The antenna and ground plate simply attach to Digital Antenna’s RV cable install kit or anyType N female bulkhead connector.

Digital Antenna’s new pre-assembled 30' RV cable install kit #C457-30 allows for easy cable installation. Connectors are factory attached to ensure greatest connectivity and reduced install time. Premium low-loss DA240 cable features a tinned braid and foil shield for maximum signal transmission.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

EVDO USB Modem UM100C Antenna - UM100C Antenna Adapter

The external antenna adapter for the UTStarcom EVDO USB Modem UM100C from Cricket is the WA-1033 from The UM100C antenna adapter is designed to connect the UTStarcom modem to an external antenna for better reception and data speeds in areas where cellular signal is weak. recommends the MB825 (a exclusive!) High Gain Multi-Band directional yagi antenna in applications where a permanent roof mount antenna is a functional solution. This antenna is dual band and covers the entire cellular and PCS frequency band used in the USA and in most European and Asian countries. For portable use in a vehicle setting the AA-012 magnetic mount antenna is our best selling model and has outperformed several name brand antennas that list similar specifications. is a privately held company located in Rochester MN with a retail store and substantial inventory for all of your cellular and RF related reception enhancement solution needs. Our factory trained staff will assist in customizing an application specific solution for a quantity of one to several thousand.

900-1800 MHz Magnetic mount Wilson 301703

The European/Asian Cellular magnetic antenna model Wilson 301703 is in stock at gladly ships worldwide and also carries the necessary external antenna adapters and inline mobile phone boosters for European and Asian cellular frequencies. The 900/1800 MHz magnetic mount antenna is designed primarily for vehilce use however can be used virtually anywhere with the optional ground plane disc. has the largest selection of 3G card antenna adapter cables for world wide brands like Huawei, Novatel, Option, Sierra Wireless, Ericsson and many other brands.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless Cellular/PCS Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Amplifier new Mobile Professional Wireless Cellular/PCS Dual-Band 800/1900 MHz Amplifier from Wilson Electronics is ideal for laptop data cards as it is powered by the computers USB port.

Unlike the Cell Ranger products that only enhance the downlink signal, the Wilson Mobile Professional boasts a strong 40-44 dB uplink gain and a 42-43 dB downlink with maximum gains of up to 50 dB possible under certain conditions. The Wilson SignalBoost Mobile Professional Wireless cellular/PCS amplifier is available in 5 different configurations:

801240 - Includes the USB power cable and 5V cigarette lighter adapter

801241 - Includes the 12" magnetic mount antenna, USB power cable, 5V DC power supply, 5V AC/DC power supply, window bracket and carrying case

801242 - Includes the 4" mini magnetic mount antenna, USB power cable, 5V DC power supply, 5V AC/DC power supply, window bracket and carrying case

801243 - Includes the 12" magnetic mount antenna, USB power cable and 5V DC power supply

801244 - Includes the 4" mini magnetic mount antenna, USB power cable and 5V DC power supply

The Cell Ranger Plus and Stix booster only enhances the download signal.

The Wilson Signalboost Mobile Professional dual band wireless repeater has been thoroughly tested by the staff at and found to be a great performing cellular booster for its size.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

COMBO GSM/GPS Antenna adapter and antenna solutions for the HTC 8925, HTC Tytn, AT&T Tilt

Combination external GSM/GPS external antenna adapter and antenna solution for the HTC Tytn, AT&T Tilt, 8925 now available exclusively from The WA-1041 cell phone/GPS external antenna adapter consists of two adapters, one for GPS and one for GSM.

The GSM adapter cable has an FME male termination and is compatible with antennas from that have the FME female termination like the AA-012. The GPS adapter cable has an SMA female termination for use with GPS antennas that terminate in SMA male like the GPSM15GSMA magnetic GPS antenna available from

Thursday, October 2, 2008

XOHM WiMAX external booster antennas

 is in the process of testing the Xohm WiMAX units with the intention of releasing only the highest quality WiMAX reception enhancement external booster antennas. is known for being the leader in creating functional yet cost effective fixed and portable solutions for the Cellular and PCS industry. With WiMAX being the next phase in high speed wireless communication WiMAX division will be a leading source for enhancing both mobile and home/office WiMAX.

The Xohm card model SWC-E100 by Samsung has two RF external antenna ports for use with frequency specific 2.5 to 2.7 GHz antennas. We are currently testing several antenna options for both portable and roof-top mounting situations.

The Xohm MAX-206M2 produced by ZyXEL has two SMA female RF antenna ports. The specifications on the Xohm website list the external antenna as SMA female reverse connectors. THIS IS AN ERROR. The connections for an external antenna on the Xohm Max-206M2 are standard SMA female, NOT REVERSE POLARITY.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wilson Dual-Band Direct Connection Cellular/PCS and GPS is excited to release the New Wilson 811200 Direct Connection Cellular/PCS Amplifier with GPS Bypass. The Wilson 811200 inline amplifier is an improvement to previous models as it allows GPS signal to pass through. The need for GPS is becoming increasingly more popular due to the influx of devices that have imbedded GPS radios for navigation and E911.

Direct Connection Dual-Band Amplifier with GPS – Model # 2B1401 - Part #811200
Contains 1575 MHz bypass to allow for GPS reception.
FCC ID: PWO2B1401SA IC: 4726A-2B1401SA

Monday, August 4, 2008

Verizon Wireless UM175 USB Modem External Antenna

The RF antenna adapter for the Verizon Wireless UM175 USB Modem is the WA-1033 from
The UM175 uses the TS-9 SMK adapter that is also found on the Novatel U727 and the Sierra Wireless Compass 597.
WA-1033 RF antenna adapter for the UM-175 USB modem is somewhat unique and has limited availability.

Motorola W755 antenna adapter

The RF external antenna adapter for the Motorola W755 is part number 352019. The 352019 antenna adapter for the Motorola W755 is an exclusive adapter to

This adapter plugs in to the RF port located under the rubber plug on the back of the phone. This adapter has been tested by the engineering staff at and has been approved for release.

Friday, July 11, 2008

HTC Touch External Antenna Adapter Cable

The RF external antenna adapter for the HTC Touch is the WA-1039 available exclusively from

The RF port is located under the small mirror on the back side of the phone.
This adapter is designed specifically for HTC touch and select other HTC models.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

zBoost zPocket YX110

Designed for travel and single users, the zBoost zPocket cell phone signal booster extends a CellZone for single users in dorms, hotels, homes or offices. Just attach the base unit onto the window,plug it in, place your cell phone in the pocket and you have signal. The zPocket boosts the signalreceived at the window and rebroadcasts to the pocket which holds your cell phone. The zPocketoperates on both the CELL and PCS bands and comes with everything you need – window unit,pocket, and power supply.

Benefits include:

• Increases cell phone signal for your phone as it sits in the pocket (20ft. cord is provided from base unit to pocket)

• Great for using speakerphone, headsets, or Bluetooth devices

• Decreases dropped or missed calls

• Easy to use – just plug in and start talking

• Great for travel - small footprint and lightweight

• Dual-band works with all phones and US carriers except Nextel

• Extends phone battery life (uses less power when signal is stronger)

• Maintains network integrity using innovative patent-pending technology

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Palm Centro Antenna Adapter

The RF external antenna adapter for the Palm Centro is the WA-1037 from After extensive testing has released the WA-1037 RF antenna adapter for the Palm Centro for enhancing signal when combined with a high quality antenna like the Wilson 301103 magnetic vehicle antenna. sells more Wilson 301103 magnetic antennas than any other Wilson dealer worldwide and has been the largest Wilson Electronics dealer for the past 8 years running.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Huawei EC228 Antenna Adapter Alltel EC228 External Antenna Adapter has tested and released the WA-1025 RF adapter for use with the Huawei EC228. The Huawei EC228 has a small RF port located on the side of the modem allowing the use of an external antenna.

For desktop use recommends the ARC wireless freedom antenna. Combined with the WA-1025 RF antenna adapter for the Huawei EC228 the ARC freedom antenna offers a 5-15 dB gain. For a laptop or notebook computer antenna for the Huawei EC228 recommends the ARC wireless Blade antenna. The ARC wireless blade antenna combined with the WA-1025 antenna adapter for the Huawei EC228 and optional clip pack make the ARC freedom Blade antenna the most functional and portable antenna available.

For vehicle use recommends the PCTEL Maxrad BMMG824/1900ML195 magnetic portable antenna. The BMMG824/1900ML195 is superior to most other magnetic mount cellular antennas as it uses low loss LMR-195 coax and has a 12’ coax length compared to 9-10 feet on many others.

For high gain home reception recommends the MB-825 dual band Yagi antenna. This antenna is designed for attic or roof mounting and when installed using low loss LMR-240 or LMR-400 coax is capable of 10-25 dB gains in signal compared to using the card inside the home or building with no external antenna connected.

Monday, May 12, 2008

T-Mobile US 3G Launch - Repeater Systems

T-Mobile recently launched 3G service in select areas of the United States. Whereas T-Mobile’s EDGE network has operated on the 1900MHz PCS band, their new 3G service operations on the 1700MHz AWS band.
Most US carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, etc) operate their 3G service on the traditional cell-phone frequency bands (800/850MHz cellular and/or 1900MHz PCS).

Reception Enhancement:

Because T-Mobile US 3G operates on the 1700MHz AWS band you will need to ensure that antennas and amplifiers used support 1710-1755MHz (transmit) and 2110-2155MHz (receive). Standard dual-band Cell/PCS only equipment does not support 1700MHz AWS.

At the current time we do not have any FCC approved repeaters or amplifiers supporting the 1700MHz AWS band however we do have a selection of portable, vehicle and building antennas:

Portable Antennas:

Vehicle Antennas:

Building Antennas:

Cellular Docking Station - adds the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway has added the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway for customers who are interested in discontinuing their land-line home phone service yet want the convenience of using their existing corded and cordless phones placed throughout their home.

The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway allows the synchronization of up to three bluetooth enabled handsets simultaneously with features like caller ID and call waiting.

The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway is ideal for vacation homes and seasonal cabins as it allows a user to synchronize a phone at a location for the entire season or just a weekend without going through the expense and trouble of hooking up a land line phone.

There are 2 Xlink models available from
  • The ITC-BTTN combines a live existing phone line with up to 3 bluetooth enabled wireless phones (live phone line not necessary for operation)

  • The ITC-BT is designed for the use with no incoming land line

For additional information on the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway please contact at:

877-594-5766 or by email at:

New SignalBoost Mini-Amp Kit 801230 -

Designed primarily for vehicle use the SignalBoost 801230 is an innovative Cellular Signal Booster that enhances Cellular phone and Wireless Data card performance, improving both voice quality and data signal quality in addition to extending service coverage range.

The Wilson 801230 is one of the smallest and lightest wireless cellular amplifiers on the market and with its remarkably small size makes the perfect portable solution when traveling. The 801230 can also be used in a hotel or office setting with the optional AC power supply and window antenna mount.

There are 4 Wilson SignalBoost Mini-Amp Kits available from

The Wilson 801230 SignalBoost Includes:

  • Signalboost Mini-Amp
    Interior low profile antenna
    Mounting brackets
    Cigarette lighter power supply adapter
    Installation guide

The Wilson 801231 SignalBoost Includes:

  • Signalboost Mini-Amp
    Includes Cradle with Built in Antenna (Gooseneck Sold Separately)
    12" Magnetic mount exterior antenna
    Mounting brackets
    Cigarette lighter power supply adapter
    Installation guide

The Wilson 801232 SignalBoost Includes:

  • Signalboost Mini-Amp
    Interior low profile antenna
    12" Magnetic mount exterior antenna
    Mounting brackets
    Cigarette lighter power supply adapter
    Installation guide

The Wilson 801233 SignalBoost Includes:

  • Signalboost Mini-Amp
    Includes Cradle with Built in Antenna (gooseneck sold separately)
    Mounting brackets
    Cigarette lighter power supply adapter
    Installation guide

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB EVDO modem External Antenna Adapter

The External antenna adapter for the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB EVDO modem is the wa-1033. This RF adapter connects to the external antenna port located on the side of the modem and when attached to an antenna will enhance the send and receive signal. offers the ARC wireless freedom desktop antenna and ARC freedom Blade desktop antenna with the optional Laptop antenna/vent clip as an additional accessory for home and office use.
For a mobile external antenna for the Compass 597 recommends the BMMG824/1900ML195 magnetic portable antenna from PCTEL Maxrad. This antenna is superior to other antennas as it boasts LMR-195 coax in a 12 foot length as opposed to 10 feet of RG-174 found on most other antennas. is the largest Wilson Cellular dealer in the USA a Master Dealer/Distributor for Antenex, ARC wireless solutions, Cellphone-Mate, Digital Antenna, Laird Technologies and Wireless Extenders/Z-boost. Located in Rochester Minnesota has a factory trained staff specializing in RF signal enhancement solutions, a full coax cable assembly division on site for custom solutions and a vast inventory of repeaters, amplifiers, antennas, coax cable and adapters.
Founded in 2001 by a former IBM engineer has grown to become the leader in custom signal enhancement solutions throughout the world. We have achieved this success by offering quality products and focusing on customer satisfaction.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

70 dB Cellular Repeater 850 MHz CM800/70 Cellphone-Mate has added the Cellphone-Mate SureCall 70 dB In-Building Wireless Repeater for 800 MHz to its in-building repeater lineup. The 70dB repeater from Cellphone-Mate is designed primarily for commercial building cellular reception enhancement for carriers like Verizon, Alltel and AT&T.

The Cellphone-Mate SureCall CM800/70 is the most powerful repeater in its class and has features like AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to ensure the highest level of cellular enhancement without the worry of network interference (when installed properly).

The CM800/70 is unique to a majority of the other repeaters being sold today as it has a user configurable gain control for both uplink and downlink in 1 dB increments down to 33 dB. This feature is typically found on repeaters costing several times more than the CM800/70.
For smaller office or home use carries the full line of Cellphone-Mate products in single and dual band configurations.
Cellular reception from is not limited to just your home or office.

The Cellphone-Mate vehicle repeaters and in-line amplifiers are designed to enhance coverage while on the road. For further information on the CM800/70 or any Cellphone-Mate product please contact at 877-594-5766 or by email at:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ARC Wireless Solutions, Inc. Announces the Official Launch of the Freedom BladeTM announces that the Freedom Blade™ and supporting Freedom Clip Pack are now available to ship domestically and internationally via our website or by calling toll free 877-594-5766.

The Freedom Blade™ is the natural progression from the Freedom Antenna®. It is the sleeker, more compact wireless signal booster that uses the same patented technology as the Freedom Antenna®. While the Freedom Blade™ works with numerous cell phones and PDAs, it also works with any laptop air card posing an external antenna adapter port.

The Freedom Blade™ comes with a stable desktop base so it can stand on its own or there is a Freedom Clip Pack available, which works with both the Freedom Blade™ and the Freedom Antenna®. The Freedom Clip Pack includes 2 clips: one for your laptop and one that clips onto your car vent. The choice of different mounting capabilities also expands the use of the Freedom Blade™ because it can go anywhere.

The Freedom Antenna® is the world's first portable personal antenna with broadband capability to provide clearer reception for cell phones and other wireless devices by extending the range and reducing dropped calls. Utilizing patented technology, the Freedom Antenna® is compatible with all major wireless carriers and technologies and offers high performance in a slim package for both fixed and mobile use. For more information, please see

Friday, March 21, 2008

NEW!! Inline amplifier FME combiner WA-2192 from
WA-2192 FME splitter/combiner allows the connection of two devices to one external antenna or amplifier. The kit includes 2 pre-terminated N male to FME female 10’ RG-58 cables, 1 N male to FME male adapter and one splitter/combiner. *Phone specific RF adapter not included.

This simple kit will allow you to connect a second phone or cellular device like a data modem or aircard to an existing inline amplifier or external antenna system. Please note that by adding an additional device, the enhancement provided by original solution will be reduced as the signal will now be split between two devices.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wilson 801248 / Wilson 801230 Mini-SOHO wireless cellular/PCS SmartTech Amplifier

Wilson Electronics has recently received FCC approval on the 801230 SignalBoost Vehicle wireless dual band cellular / PCS amplifier also known as the Wilson 801248 Mini-SOHO wireless cellular / PCS SmartTech Amplifier.

From the information we have so far the unit is 6 volt DC and has SMA female connections. This is something new for the Wilson product line as historically they have used N female and FME male. will have the new units in stock and available for immediate shipment as soon as they are released.

The 801248 is the mini-SOHO unit for home or office use.

The 801230 is the mobile vehilce unit.

2100 MHz amplifier – 2100 MHz cellular amplifier Wilson 811901 has introduced the Wilson 811901 900 MHz / 2100 MHz cellular inline amplifier. The Wilson 811901 inline amplifier is designed for use with a cell phone / data card-specific RF external antenna adapter. Also known as the GSM 900 MHz / UMTS 2100 MHz amplifier the Wilson 811901 has been designed for use primarily in Europe and Asia.

We have Marine antennas for 2100 MHz available along with high gain directional yagi antennas, desktop antennas and magnetic mount antennas. The marine antenna for 2100 MHz we recommend is the 295-PW. The high gain directional yagi for 2100 MHz is the MB-825. Vehicle antenna for 2100 MHz is the Antenex / Laird TRAB806/17103 pared with a magnetic or permanent NMO mount. For portable or desktop use we recommend the ARC freedom antenna for 2100 MHz.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

LG VX-10000 antenna adapter / LG Voyager antenna adapter

The external antenna adapter for the LG VX-10000/ LG Voyager is the 359919 from The phone has two RF antenna ports located under the chrome inlay surrounding the camera. The inlay is easily removed by placing a sharp object in the small dimple located on the lower side of the inlay. There are two ports located on the phone, one for GPS and one for cellular reception enhancement. For cellular/pcs reception enhancement we recommend the BMMG824/1900ML195 from PCTEL Maxrad along with the 359919 from