Thursday, November 20, 2008

Verizon USB760 EVDO Rev A Modem Antenna

Verizon Wireless announces the new USB760 Micro Modem from Novatel/Ovation. has the RF antenna adapter and antennas for the optional external antenna for enhanced performance in stock and ready to ship today. The antenna adapter cable for the USB-760 from Verizon Wireless is the 359927 from The 20 inch external antenna adapter for the MC760 terminates in FME male so it will connect up to a majority of external aircard antennas from The Novatel Ovation U760 Adapter cable 359927 is a new RF adapter and is exclusive to at the present time.

The Verizon USB760 Magnetic Mount external antenna w/cables from is a combination of the premium grade BMMG824/1900ML195 - PCTEL Maxrad Dual-Band Magnetic Mount Cell Phone Antenna and the USB-760 antenna adapter number 359927 for the low price of $49.95.

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