Thursday, December 15, 2011

Z530 - Zeus PowerBank 3000 mAh Portable Battery Charger

Looking for a back-up power supply for your iPhone, Mini-usb, Micro-USB or other portable device? The Zeus Portable Battery Charge - Power Bank is a great solution.

The Zeus Power Bank is a 3000mah back up power supply

The ZEUS Portable Power Bank model Z530 from is one of the most powerful portable battery chargers on the market and can charge almost every electronic device with a USB port, such as MP3 players, mobile phones, and portable gaming devices, giving them a boost of power.

It features a built-in LED, short circuit, over-charge and over temperature protection which allows you to charge the battery up to 500 times and still remain at 85% capacity.

The ZEUS Power Bank from comes with 7 adapters, a cable and a small travel bag.  It’s easy and portable and perfect for anyone on the go!

Sleek 4G-V Wilson Sleek Verizon LTE Signal Booster is excited to announce the next version of the very popular vehicle portable cell phone signal booster Wilson Sleek.
The new Sleek 4G-V will be making its debut at CES 2012 with the product release sometime in mid 2012.
Designed around the same successful and very popular Wilson Sleek Cellular-PCS 815226 the Sleek 4G-V cell phone signal booster enhances the signal for the Verizon Wireless LTE network on 4G phones, while also covering the voice signal for all major carriers in North America, including 2G and 3G.
The Wilson Sleek LTE 4G-V is the first 4G signal booster built for use in a vehicle. Users can expect up to a 20 dB gain on the 4G LTE Verizon Network when their device is placed in the Sleek 4G cradle. We do not have the complete details on the device at at this time but look forward to testing the all new Wilson Sleek 4G-V Cellphone Signal Booster for Verizon LTE.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wi-Ex Launches two new Cellular Signal Boosters

Wi-Ex Launches two new Cellular Signal Boosters

The YX240 zBoost zForce for the Car and the YX540ip.

The Wi-Ex zBoost Metro YX540 has a new updated part number named the YX540iP.  This new unit shares the same FCC id number as the YX545 dual band (and essentially all of the dual band wireless home/office units offered by Wireless Extenders).  The zBoost Metro YX540iP iPhone Signal Booster includes a $15 apps gift card and a zBoost Your Business Application Guide featuring iPhone and iPad apps.   

The YX540iP claims to be optimized for use with the Apple iPhone.

The new YX540-iP is in stock at

The second item slated for a early 2012 release is the z-Force YX240 in vehicle signal booster.
Similar to the Wilson Sleek 815226 the z-Force from zBoost will work on 800 and 1900 Mhz only (no LTE, AWS or 4G) with the amplifier being housed in a sturdy, lightweight cradle for hands free operation.
The z-Force amplifier kit will come with a 12V cigerette power adapter, external magnetic mount antenna with a 15 foot cable and optional gooseneck cigarette lighter adapter. 

The YX240 zBoost zForce for the Car has passed through the FCC (in late November 2011) so we are anxiously waiting for its formal release.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Order The Wilson Sleek™ Online Wilson Sleek 815226

Order The Wilson Sleek™ Online from for $88.95!

Boost your cell phone reception power by up to 20 times better than your cell phone alone. Your Sleek includes:
•Sleek™ all in one cradle combo: signal booster/charger
•30-day, "No Questions Asked" money-back guarantee
•Outside vehicle mini magnet-mount antenna
•Vehicle lighter power adapter
•Adhesive dash mount
•Additional cradle arms
Installation guide
•Limited one-year product warranty

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maximum Signal Wireless Sphere Cellular Extender is proud to introduce a new player in the Cellular Repeater/amplifier category.  Maximum Signal Wireless Sphere Cellular Extender 65 dB Cellular/PCS repeater kit.

The The Maximum Signal™ Amplifier is the most powerful device of its kind. With exclusive patent pending technologies, the Maximum Signal Amplifier creates a hot spot capable of boosting signals wherever needed. Unlike other devices, you’ll receive blistering fast data rates, consistent messaging, and improved cellular performance. And with simple installation, you'll be up and running within minutes.

The Maximum Signal Sphere comes as a complete kit ready to plug and play.  Boasting a coverage range of 2500 feet out of the box with larger coverage available when selecting the optional interior antenna add on kit the Sphere from Maximum Signal is the right product for the Home or small office user.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sprint/Franklin U600 Adapter Cable WA-1091 Now Available!!

The external antenna adapter cable for the Sprint Franklin u600 (Franklin U-600 or Sprint U600) for the 4G is the WA-1091.  The device has two external antenna ports for 3G (use RF external antenna adapter model WA-1025) and two external antenna ports for 4G (use RF external antenna adapter model WA-1091).