Friday, May 28, 2010

Verizon U760 Antenna Solution - Customer Comment

Read what a customer in Virginia has to say about the antenna solution they received from for their Verizon USB Broadband modem Novatel U760:

Gentlemen - I just purchased and installed the Wilson Dual Band Trucker Celluar Antenna (often used in home applications) model 301101, the mirror mount, and the 20ft coax cable extension for connecting to my Novatel model 760 wireless USB modem. I subscribe to the Verizon broadband service in south west Virginia for my internet connection but live in a very weak signal area; The small window mount blade antenna I used was essential to get any signal. I felt your antenna was the solution to significantly improving my signal strength and communication speed - Verizon broadcasts 2 types of signals (1xRTT and EVDO I guess) that yield greatly different speeds - and I never achieved the higher speed EVDO connection. Your antenna has changed everything - I am delighted that I now connect most times on the high speed signal and am achieving data receive rates up to 800kbps compared to 120kbps max before on the 1xRTT signal. All the connections were made as you advertised and described them and the installation with your mount was quick and easy yet rugged. This is an excellent product that delivered exactly as advertised.

Regards, Robert - Virginia