Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Huawei EC228 Antenna Adapter Alltel EC228 External Antenna Adapter has tested and released the WA-1025 RF adapter for use with the Huawei EC228. The Huawei EC228 has a small RF port located on the side of the modem allowing the use of an external antenna.

For desktop use recommends the ARC wireless freedom antenna. Combined with the WA-1025 RF antenna adapter for the Huawei EC228 the ARC freedom antenna offers a 5-15 dB gain. For a laptop or notebook computer antenna for the Huawei EC228 recommends the ARC wireless Blade antenna. The ARC wireless blade antenna combined with the WA-1025 antenna adapter for the Huawei EC228 and optional clip pack make the ARC freedom Blade antenna the most functional and portable antenna available.

For vehicle use recommends the PCTEL Maxrad BMMG824/1900ML195 magnetic portable antenna. The BMMG824/1900ML195 is superior to most other magnetic mount cellular antennas as it uses low loss LMR-195 coax and has a 12’ coax length compared to 9-10 feet on many others.

For high gain home reception recommends the MB-825 dual band Yagi antenna. This antenna is designed for attic or roof mounting and when installed using low loss LMR-240 or LMR-400 coax is capable of 10-25 dB gains in signal compared to using the card inside the home or building with no external antenna connected.

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