Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB EVDO modem External Antenna Adapter

The External antenna adapter for the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB EVDO modem is the wa-1033. This RF adapter connects to the external antenna port located on the side of the modem and when attached to an antenna will enhance the send and receive signal. offers the ARC wireless freedom desktop antenna and ARC freedom Blade desktop antenna with the optional Laptop antenna/vent clip as an additional accessory for home and office use.
For a mobile external antenna for the Compass 597 recommends the BMMG824/1900ML195 magnetic portable antenna from PCTEL Maxrad. This antenna is superior to other antennas as it boasts LMR-195 coax in a 12 foot length as opposed to 10 feet of RG-174 found on most other antennas. is the largest Wilson Cellular dealer in the USA a Master Dealer/Distributor for Antenex, ARC wireless solutions, Cellphone-Mate, Digital Antenna, Laird Technologies and Wireless Extenders/Z-boost. Located in Rochester Minnesota has a factory trained staff specializing in RF signal enhancement solutions, a full coax cable assembly division on site for custom solutions and a vast inventory of repeaters, amplifiers, antennas, coax cable and adapters.
Founded in 2001 by a former IBM engineer has grown to become the leader in custom signal enhancement solutions throughout the world. We have achieved this success by offering quality products and focusing on customer satisfaction.

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