Monday, May 12, 2008

Cellular Docking Station - adds the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway has added the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway for customers who are interested in discontinuing their land-line home phone service yet want the convenience of using their existing corded and cordless phones placed throughout their home.

The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway allows the synchronization of up to three bluetooth enabled handsets simultaneously with features like caller ID and call waiting.

The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway is ideal for vacation homes and seasonal cabins as it allows a user to synchronize a phone at a location for the entire season or just a weekend without going through the expense and trouble of hooking up a land line phone.

There are 2 Xlink models available from
  • The ITC-BTTN combines a live existing phone line with up to 3 bluetooth enabled wireless phones (live phone line not necessary for operation)

  • The ITC-BT is designed for the use with no incoming land line

For additional information on the Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway please contact at:

877-594-5766 or by email at:

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