Thursday, October 30, 2008

EVDO USB Modem UM100C Antenna - UM100C Antenna Adapter

The external antenna adapter for the UTStarcom EVDO USB Modem UM100C from Cricket is the WA-1033 from The UM100C antenna adapter is designed to connect the UTStarcom modem to an external antenna for better reception and data speeds in areas where cellular signal is weak. recommends the MB825 (a exclusive!) High Gain Multi-Band directional yagi antenna in applications where a permanent roof mount antenna is a functional solution. This antenna is dual band and covers the entire cellular and PCS frequency band used in the USA and in most European and Asian countries. For portable use in a vehicle setting the AA-012 magnetic mount antenna is our best selling model and has outperformed several name brand antennas that list similar specifications. is a privately held company located in Rochester MN with a retail store and substantial inventory for all of your cellular and RF related reception enhancement solution needs. Our factory trained staff will assist in customizing an application specific solution for a quantity of one to several thousand.

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