Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wi-Ex zBoost YX545 YX-545 Home Office Repeater Kit

wpsantennas.com is looking forward to the release of the new YX-545 Home Office Repeater kit from Wireless Extenders - zBoost.  The new YX545 lists a 60 dB system gain (an increase of 6-7 dB over the YX-510) for a 2500 square foot open coverage area enhancement.

Similar to the previous YX-510 the YX-545 Dual Band Repeater comes with the base antenna unit, power supply, signal antenna mounting hardware, NEW two piece signal antenna and 50 feet of RG-59 75 Ohm coax.

The new YX-545 has a slightly more streamlined exterior housing similar to the European YX-520i and the new YX-540 Metro. 

wpsantennas.com has the full installation instructions at http://www.wpsantennas.com/ or by clicking this link:  WiEx YX-545 Set-Up Overview

The YX-545 from wpsantennas.com will be available in the fall of 2010.  MSRP remains the same as the YX-510 at $399.95

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