Friday, July 30, 2010

Cellynx 5Barz inventor/CEO resigns

According to a letter filed with the SEC, Daniel Ash has resigned from the Cellynx Group, Inc. The letter states that he was first removed from the position of CEO and later removed from the board. staff tested the 5Barz Cellynx product and was not impressed. The unit carries a hefty retail price of $299 in addition to a small profit margin for resellers. In testing the signal bars increased however data speeds were actually slower compared to using the unit with no amplification at all.

Wilson Electronics released in early 2010 the model 815226 Sleek ($99 Retail) that outperforms the 5Barz unit.

Reading through the information provided to the SEC, Cellynx has spent Millions of dollars on one single product that we feel will not survive in this competitive market.

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