Friday, February 27, 2009

Wilson 841262 Dual Band 62dB Cell Signal Booster for your Home or Office

The Wilson Signalboost 801262 DB PRO 65dB Repeater is now available. The Wilson DB PRO will have two versions. The 801262 is available as a stand alone unit with the 841262 availabe as a ready to plug and play complete system. The 841265 is a custom system that does not included the necessary 75 Ohm coax cable and is aimed at customers who wish to supply their own custom coax lenghts. All three units boast an impressive 60dB gain with a 65dB maximum gain. has a full line of 75 ohm coax in both RG-6 and high quality RG-11. With our in-house cable facility and lightening fast assembly staff, custom cable requests are often shipped the same day they are ordered.

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