Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CM2000-WL 55dB Dual Band SOHO Amplifier from Cellphone-Mate

Cellphone-mate will soon be releasing the new CM2000-WL 55dB Dual Band Soho Amplifier. This amplifier will be available from wpsantennas.com in two forms. The CM2000-WL 40/50dB (40dB on 850MHz and 50dB on 1900MHz) and is a complete vehicle repeater kit consisting of the CM2000-WL Amplifier, CM200 3dB magnetic antenna, interior patch antenna, DC power supply and applicable mounting hardware.

The CM2000-WL 55dB is again a complete kit, however designed for home or small office use. The CM2000-WL 55dB unit comes with the CM2000-WL amplifier, the CM222 indoor antenna, the CM100-S outdoor antenna, one 20 foot and one 40 foot section of CM240 cable terminated with FME connections.

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