Thursday, April 2, 2009

iBooster - Wilson Electronics 805201 iPhone Signal Booster spent this afternoon testing the new iBooster Wilson 805201 and we are excited about the results.

The iBooster model 805201 comes with several mounting options for both fixed and portable use in a vehicle by sharing the same mounting base as the Wilson Universal cradle.

Our testing was performed in and around the Las Vegas area (CTIA!) with the net result of an average 25 dB gain on our testing unit. In the example photos, without the iBooster we had a -87dBm signal strength and with the iBooster a -61dBm signal strength.

The iBooster cradle comes with a sleeve for a perfect fit on the 3G models with the removal of this sleeve allowing for first generation iPhone compatibility.

The iBooster cradle unit in addition to offering a substantial signal boost also charges the iPhone. The auxiliary port located on the bottom of the iBooster is a duplication of the iPhone port giving further functionality for added accessories that require the bottom connection.

Wilson Electronics and is excited to bring the new iBooster to market and look forward to the Blackberry 805206 and universal 805221 models that are expected in the coming months.

On a CTIA side note, the HTC Touch Diamond2 is *so* cool!

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