Friday, September 4, 2009

Ultimate Vehicle Wireless Wifi Modem Kit

wpsantennas has developed the ultimate in vehicle Wi-Fi with its new “Ultimate Vehicle Wireless Modem Kit

The solution that we have created has been installed and tested by a local wireless communication tower erection company in our area.

The kit was developed by in an attempt to create a wireless hotspot in and around a service vehicle allowing engineers with portable devices and notebook computers instant access to their VPN and other web based services.

In our testing of the range we were able to connect up to 1 mile from the vehicle as long as we had line of sight. Unlike the Autonet device the Ultimate Vehicle Wireless Modem Kit from wpsantennas allows a customer to attach his or her own modem or tether-able mobile phone instead of paying for equipment and additional service for a solution that is domiciled in one vehicle.

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