Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NEW PRODUCT: EA-1089A FME/Female Dual Band Right Angle Swivel Portable Antenna

The EA-1089A FME/Female dual-band omni-directional right angle swivel antenna is ideal for use as the interior antenna for a Wilson Cellular Dual-Band SOHO Repeater (801245). The antenna features a right angle swivel which allows the antenna to be properly positioned (vertical) whether the Wilson Cellular Dual-Band SOHO Repeater (801245) unit is simply sitting on a desk or mounted to a wall.

The antenna has an FME/Female connector which allows it to connect directly to the FME/Male interior antenna connection on the 801245 SOHO Repeater. It will not connect directly to the higher powered amps with N/Female connectors or the Digital Antenna amplifiers with Mini UHF/Female connectors. The antenna is not designed to be connected directly to a phone/phone adapter cable.

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