Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No antenna port or antenna adapter for your phone? No problem with Wilson's SignalBoost.

Wilson Cellular's new SIGNALBOOST Cellular/PCS amplifier is a low-cost solution to boost a single cell phone or data cards signal in mobile, home and office applications.

Because the
SIGNALBOOST Cellular/PCS amplifier attaches to a cellular phone or data card using a velcro connector instead of a standard antenna adapter it is able to work with virtually any cellular phone or data card - just attach the velcro adapter to the phone over the location of the phone's antenna.

  • Works with all Cellular/PCS cell phone and laptop data cards (except iDEN/Nextel)
  • Connects to ALL phones and data cards with a universal connector using a Velcro patch
  • No plug-in phone adapter needed
  • Has 10 times more power than your cell phone or laptop data card
  • Significantly improves voice and data signal quality
  • Increases data communication rates needed for 3G technologies
  • Receives and transmits better than your cell phone
  • Extends cell phone battery life
  • Works great in mobile, in-building and marine applications
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works on all generations of CDMA, TDMA and GSM
  • Up to 3 Watts maximum power
  • Power control logic ensures maximum output power is within cellular standards
  • FCC and IC (Industry Canada) accepted
  • US and foreign Patents Pending

For even better performance:

If your phone does have a
phone adapter cable available, an inline amplifier which plugs into your phone with a phone adapter cable performs even better!

Need something that supports multiple phones simultaneously?

We also offer wireless
vehicle, large RV/marine, home and building solutions for multiple phones and/or devices.

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