Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Palm Centro Antenna Adapter

The RF external antenna adapter for the Palm Centro is the WA-1037 from wpsantennas.com. After extensive testing wpsantennas.com has released the WA-1037 RF antenna adapter for the Palm Centro for enhancing signal when combined with a high quality wpsantennas.com antenna like the Wilson 301103 magnetic vehicle antenna.
wpsantennas.com sells more Wilson 301103 magnetic antennas than any other Wilson dealer worldwide and has been the largest Wilson Electronics dealer for the past 8 years running.


Micah said...

I bought one, and by taking the phone apart, I verified that it's fitting the PCB connector correctly, but after hooking it to a known good yagi antenna, and also a mag mount omni, there was no change in the RSSI.

Using a moto phone with the same antenna's, there was a significant change. (from no service to -98 or so..)

I beeped out the adapter and it seems good - is there a trick to this?

jnmjunk said...

I'm using one of the adapters and discovered that if I push it in too far something shorts-out and causes the signal strength to decrease. It may be that the center pin is slightly too long?

tonystewart said...

My daily drive takes me through 2 areas where I always drop or loose the sound for about 20-30 seconds at 60 mph. I purchased a 301103 antenna and a wa-1037 adaptor. Last night and again this morning with the antenna installed on my Toyota Minivan I did not loose any calls and I had to turn down the volume on my bluetooth. I wish I had done this sooner. I installed a wireless repeater in my home after purchasing this Palm Centro phone last June, due to dropped calls.